Why Teach Beyond Yoga?

Because a confident teacher is the best teacher.

It requires a long education to become a teacher. An education we do not get when we take a Yoga Teacher Training. At Teach Beyond Yoga I want you to gain some of the insight and learn some of the skills that people are mastering while they take a Bachelor of Education. I make it comprehensible and adaptable for you, the yoga teacher. 

It is a huge step going from being a student to a teacher, or going from teaching classes to workshops or YTTs, and it can be intimidating. Looking deeper into the Science of Teaching might be the thing that gives you the confidence boost and sets you apart in a very competitive profession and helps you attract more students to your Yoga Classes, Workshops, Retreats and Teacher Training Courses. Because knowing how to actually teach is just as important as knowing all about yoga. We should teach BEYOND yoga

Go look at the material HERE and start becoming the best teacher you can be!

My background,

It is such an honor to introduce this page to YOU, my fellow teachers. My hope is, through my education, to inspire you to be a succesful, happy and confident teacher who loves the teaching part, as much as you love yoga.

I am a E-RYT with broad experience in teaching studio classes, workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings, but I also have a B.Ed. – a 4-year Bachelor of Education from University College in Denmark.

In Denmark a B.Ed. takes 4 years and we all four years go through extensive training in subjects like Psychology, Pedagogic, Didactic, and multiple hours doing several Teaching Practices, meaning being out in the classroom where we create our own teaching material and analyze all this experience into multiple yearly exams and tests. Needless to say, this Bachelor of Education is more lengthy and intense than most known around the world.

I draw from experience and knowledge from a Bachelor of Education alongside many hours of standing in front of yoga students. This page gives you material, tools, insight and knowledge that I have from extensive experience and education. Read more about why I started Teach Beyond Yoga HERE.


  • 2014, RYT-200, YYoga Teachers College, Vancouver, Canada
  • 2014 – 2017, Continuing Education hours in various subjects with Registered Teachers and schools: Restorative Yoga Props and Adjustments Workshop, Yoga for Healthy Aging Workshop, Restorative Yoga Workshop, Teaching Yoga Course Certificate w. Judith Hanson Lasater, Yoga Veda Institute: Sister Science Ayurveda Foundation Course
  • 2016, 4-year B.Ed. from University College, Aarhus, Denmark
  • 2016, Published “5 Yoga Exercises For Abs And Core” Series in Danish fitness magazine, Fitliving

  • 2016 – 2017, Teaching during four separate Yoga Teacher Training Courses at RYS Yoga By The Sea
  • 2018, E-RYT registration