“Teach Inclusive Yoga” eBook

Get to know all your students better and learn how to teach amazing, inclusive yoga classes and trainings based on their individual personality.

What’s in the ebook? 

This book is designed to help you create great popular yoga classes and teachings by focusing on the most important aspect: Your students! You will not only gain some general knowledge on being a good teacher, you will also learn about your students’ different Learner Personalities and Learning Styles, and what specific approaches and tools to use when teaching them. This will help you create more inclusive classes and trainings that students will flock to.

Become a Better Yoga Teacher Today.

This 60 page eBook is designed for both new and experienced teachers and educators to take their teachings to the next level and attract more students.

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About the author Tine Falkenberg Holst

Drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience as an educated school teacher as well as being an E-RYT, Tine helps other yoga teachers and educators find their unique voice and gain more confidence in their profession. Her goal is to provide new and experienced yoga teachers with more general teaching knowledge, so they learn to grow, evolve and ultimately become incredibly popular in their field. Tine wishes for yoga teachers to fall in love with teaching as much as they love yoga.


Teaching People

Find out what it actually means to teach another person something new.

Teaching Philosophy

Create your own unique teaching philosophy to set yourself apart as an incredible, authentic teacher.


Learn about the most important, crucial term in teaching enabling you to create teachings for every single individual student.

Learner Personality

Get to know different Learner Personalities and how to recognize them in your teachings.

Learning Styles

Understand different Learning Styles and how to work with them in your classes.

Tools & Approaches

Gain practical new tools and approaches based on this new knowledge, so you can engage and appeal to many more students.


Amanda Larsson,

E-RYT and Yoga Studio Owner, Spain.

“This book is excellent and necessary! It absolutely helps us working in yoga as teachers and educators to gain some practical knowledge and important skills we do not receive when we take a regular Yoga Teacher Training Course”.

Tracy Benning,

New Yoga Teacher, Canada.

“I left my YTT course feeling overwhelmed and insecure. I knew a lot about yoga, but not really how to feel comfortable teaching. This book gave me that extra push because I learned some very useful and practical tools that many experienced teachers don’t even know”.

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